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A “People Partner” For Growth: Whim Hospitality

Every fall, the Austin Business Journal recognizes the Fast 50 – the 50 fastest-growing companies in central Texas.

Whim Hospitality was one of several HireBetter clients who made the Fast 50 list in 2017, coming in at #23 for companies under $10M. Perhaps even more exciting, CEO Kim Hanks was recognized for her outstanding leadership, winning the Austin Business Journal award for Austin’s Best CEO in 2017.

With great talent in place, Whim reached their 2017 goals and continues their growth trajectory.

Kim Hanks

“We have found at Whim Hospitality that finding the right people to fill new positions as they become available in our rapidly expanding business has been one of the primary keys to our success so far. Our HR Director worked with HireBetter in a previous position so she introduced us to them, and we have been thrilled with the results we’ve experienced using their services.

First, they have time to concentrate on the hard task of identifying and selling Whim to the most qualified candidates, who sometimes aren’t even looking for a new position. Second, they are able to vet candidates and find ones who match well with our company’s culture and core values.

Hiring the person with just the right set of credentials and how they approach their job can make a world of difference in a fast-growing organization, or any organization for that matter. We’ve also benefited from Hire Better’s strategic planning expertise as far as laying out a plan for future hiring goals, which we did with them for the first time this year. It feels great to have HireBetter as a “people partner” as we continue to expand our line of services and the volume of sales we want to achieve in the years to come.”


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