Project-Based Talent

Relieve the pressure when your hair is on fire.

Maybe a key player quit unexpectedly, you have a critical initiative that requires specific experience, or a busy season has turned out to be busier than expected. Maybe your team simply lacks the expertise to accomplish a specific need. Short-term and project-based talent can help you breathe easier.

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Living Direct, an online retailer specializing in popular built-in and outdoor home appliances, has a stellar reputation for its knowledgeable and reliable customer-focused service team. The company’s meteoric growth resulted in a significant increase in its call center needs, which quickly became overwhelmed.

After striking out with several other staffing firms and recruiting agencies, Living Direct contacted HireBetter with an urgent...


By Tammie Valentini

To keep pace with industry competition, companies are pressured to move faster and expand operationally to increase growth and reach more customers than ever before. These demands on your business often require specific expertise not currently available inside your organization and need to be met with a keen eye on cost. Seems impossible to address…right?

Not today. Not in our uber-educated and...


By Tammie Valentini

You have started the year strong by clearly communicating your 2017 business plan and the specific objectives required to achieve the plan. However, one month into the year, you are slightly less confident you and your team will achieve it. You have now been told repeatedly that to achieve the Plan, you must hire. Your team is overwhelmed. Sound familiar?

Your initial reaction might be to give your...