Strategic Guidance

We've walked in your shoes. We understand how important talent is to your success.

We're entrepreneurs, too. We've founded, grown, scaled, turned around, and exited successful businesses. We understand the critical role of talent, especially high-growth businesses and those in transition.

Our leadership team’s real-world experience allows us to serve as a sounding board and strategic advisor, working with you to build a talent plan that aligns with your business strategy.

We dig deep with you, asking hard questions and providing strategic guidance that brings about meaningful change.

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HomePlate Peanut Butter’s CEO, Clint Greenleaf, is a successful entrepreneur who previously founded and ultimately sold Greenleaf Book Group. So it might seem a little odd that he then launched a new kind of company with a network of former Major League Baseball players. But peanut butter is a dugout staple, and these founders set out to develop a healthier and tastier version of the amazing spread.

Greenleaf has grown the company from...


Randy Murphy, CEO of Mama Fu’s restaurant group, has a vision to create a global, fast casual restaurant brand. To achieve this, Randy recognized the need for additional talent and expertise in order to take the company to the next level.

Guided by a Strategic Talent Planning™ session, Mama Fu’s and HireBetter redesigned the company’s organizational structure and set out to bolster its senior leadership team. After conducting...


Despite experiencing excellent growth over a 20+ year history, travel insurance provider Seven Corners was stuck in a holding pattern.

“I had known we had a people problem for a while,” said co-founder Justin Tysdal. “For the majority of our 20 year history, we grew tremendously but in the past few years we just couldn’t seem to get over the hump.”

HireBetter challenged the company founders to answer some hard questions about...


Barracks Townhomes is a fast-growing student housing community based in College Station, Texas. The CEO began a quest to hire an operator to help him execute his vision but after engaging HireBetter, he ended up with much more.

Though Barracks had grown rapidly, they knew "what got them here won't get them there." HireBetter assessed the company's needs from a strategic perspective and, working closely with the CEO, created a blueprint...


By Tammie Valentini

If you are like many business executives, you are high-fiving your team for the accomplishments you achieved in 2016 but very quickly beginning to worry about achieving even more in 2017. You have built an aggressive plan for 2017 that ensures material growth year over year and developed a set of business objectives to support your plan. Now how do you ensure your team can successfully execute this...


By Kurt Wilkin

Martin Luther King, Jr. inspires me. He inspires me because he stood up for what he believed in – against all odds. He inspires me with his humility and with his insistence on a nonviolent approach to activism. He inspires me by his ability to lead and to inspire multiple generations of Americans – both during his lifetime and after his assassination. And he inspires me both for his vision AND for his ability to...


By Tammie Valentini

You have started the year strong by clearly communicating your 2017 business plan and the specific objectives required to achieve the plan. However, one month into the year, you are slightly less confident you and your team will achieve it. You have now been told repeatedly that to achieve the Plan, you must hire. Your team is overwhelmed. Sound familiar?

Your initial reaction might be to give your...