Retained Search

Recruit the Right Way

Talent is the ultimate growth amplifier for business. But if you are trying to find great talent with a contingent recruiter, you may never see the benefits of getting the right person in the right role at the right time – which is one of the secrets to unlocking business growth.

At HireBetter, we:

  • Provide a dedicated team of experts to help you identify and define the role that will best help your company.
  • Recruit the most qualified team to amplify the growth of your business.
  • Support, guide, and partner with you throughout the recruiting process, and beyond.

With us, it's not about filling a seat. It is about building the team that knows how to execute your vision.

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Texture Media realized the need for operational expertise in order to take their recently-acquired business to the next level. The team's grit and ingenuity had historically led the way, but discussions with HireBetter helped build a case to an alternative approach: hire the game-changer who has successfully built the infrastructure to match the vision for big growth.

HireBetter recruited an exceptional Chief Operating Officer who...


By Kurt Wilkin

Yeah, I said it, the recruiting industry IS broken.

Have you ever had the feeling that a recruiter was trying desperately to “sell” you on their candidate? Have you ever compared a recruiting experience to a bad real estate transaction or your prototypical used car salesman experience?

Most of us have real-world experience with bad recruiters – I know I do. And I’m confident that most of our bad...